Butternut is threatened across its range by a canker fungus. The species has all but disappeared in many parts of the U.S.A. and is listed as endangered in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick. Several other Ontario tree species are threatened by exotic species, and conserving as much of their genetic diversity as possible is key to their future in our forests.

Butternut Resources

Butternut and the ESA for Landowners – Outbound link

Visit the Butternut page on Ontario’s Endangered Species Act website.

Butternut Canker Information – Brochure

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Butternut Canker Information – Brochure

Butternut Data Collection Reporting Form

Download the Health Assessment form

Butternut Data Collection Reporting Form

How to Distinguish Non-Native Butternut Seeds

Download the ‘If you have butternut’ Fact Sheet

If you have native Butternut Tree

Planting Butternut – Guide & Supplier List

Download the Butternut Planting Guide and Supplier List

Butternut Supplier List

How to ID Native Butternut Fact Sheet

Download the ID Native Butternut Fact Sheet

Butternut Supplier List