If You Harvest

There are often opportunities to harvest products from your forest, and there are many ways to go about it. But not all harvesting methods will maintain your forests’ health, diversity and productivity and therefore opportunities for future income.

Get professional advice

A forester or forest technician can help you determine the best options for your forest and your particular objectives. Always ask for references and have a contract.

Protect soils and regeneration

Your soils are the foundation of your forest. Preventing rutting, compaction and erosion will ensure your forest’s future productivity. The existing regeneration of tree species can give you a 5 to 30 year head start on your future forest. It is also the legacy of your forests’ gene pool.

Conserve healthy trees of all native species

A diverse forest is a more resilient forest. Try to maintain the best trees of each species at least until you have sufficient regeneration. Removing the best trees with each harvest can have a negative effect and over generations result in an unhealthy, unproductive forest.

Forest harvesting advice is well described at The Ontario Woodlot Association.
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