Ash Seed & Survivors

Visit our temporary Google Sites project page for more information on our 2018 work. FGCA is currently fundraising for priority seed collection areas in 2019. Please contact us or the National Tree Seed Centre if you or your organization would like to contribute funds to this important cause.

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Report Ash Seed or Survivors

We have two ways for landowners or citizen scientists to report ash seed or survivors. Either follow our project on iNaturalist (its free to sign up!) or fill out the following form with photos during the growing season.

  • FGCA will only contact you to follow-up on this inquiry and will not collect or share your email for marketing purposes. You will not receive regular information from us unless you sign up for it.
  • Provide the property address where the tree is located, especially if you are a private landowner. Specific GPS points can be provided below.
    FGCA and the NTSC annually prioritize which species in which areas are needed to fulfill the conservation strategy. It is important to us you know which species it is, but if you don't know, attaching one or more photos of the full tree, leaf, bark and seeds can help. Non-native, planted specimens will not be accepted.
    We do not take seed or DNA samples without permission of the landowner, be in private, municipal or another organization. If you are not the owner, please describe below who is or may be.
    Naturally occurring trees (not planted) with seed on them do qualify for seed collection, but would not qualify for survivor DNA samples.
  • Please describe greater location information (i.e. GPS point(s)), the number of healthy trees, size or age to the best of your abilities, history of the property and how much seed you see in 250 words or less.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, pdf.
    Send photos (jpg or pdf) showing the entire tree during the growing season, leaf clusters, twigs/buds, bark or seed clusters. (max file upload = 5MB)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.