Seed Collection

Increasing Local Supply

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FGCA is working with many partners to increase the supply of locally adapted seed of native woody species. Such a supply is essential to support our forest restoration efforts whether it be one tree in your urban yard or 10,000 trees to help restore a rural watershed. Why? Learn about the importance of seed source when planting trees.

This coming Fall 2017, we are partnering with Forests Ontario to deliver Certified Seed Collector workshops for people interested in getting involved in flower and seed crop forecasting and seed collection. You can register for upcoming workshops through Forest Ontario’s web page here:

Seed Forecasting

Contact us directly if your organization or group is interested in hosting a future workshop.

A New Seed Manual!


The FGCA is excited to introduce the new Seeds of Ontario Trees & Shrubs, produced by the FGCA and the Ontario Tree Seed Plant (MNRF). It is the result of more than 20 years of input from experienced seed collectors across Ontario. It revises and replaces the 1996 Seed Manual for Ontario.

To order a copy please contact us. ($55 plus tax; reduced rates for FGCA members and Certified Seed Collectors and for bulk orders).

Seeds of Ontario Trees & Shrubs is a comprehensive introduction for new seed collectors and a field-worthy companion for experienced collectors. The information is based on practical experiences of current and retiring collectors, with the goal of mentoring a new generation of collectors. We hope all seed collectors will use it to forecast and collect high quality, source identified seed to help ensure the success Ontario reforestation efforts.

Over 100 of Ontario’s native tree, shrub and vine species have been included. The manual is divided into 3 sections: Basics, Operations and Species. The Basics section contains background information on afforestation, plant biology and seed quality. The Operations section describes forecasting, collecting, field storage and shipping. The Species section is divided by Conifers, Broadleaf Trees, Shrubs and Vines and then by Collection Season (Early, Mid and Late Season) so collectors can better plan their activities. Within each of the colour-coded collection seasons, species are organized alphabetically by Latin name. Exact collection dates may vary from year to year, but the progressive order of seed maturation across Ontario’s diverse landscape should be reliable.

Updates and additions will be made to a 2017 online version. We want to hear from all users of the Manual to help us improve it, and help them in their efforts to forecast and collect seed to restore Ontario’s forests.