Private Landowners

Learn about native species

Gene conservation starts with learning about the many local native species and the sites they are adapted to.

Learn about native species

Manage your forest

Forests are complex systems of long lived species that can outlive their owners and managers.  Planning can ensure the forest’s long term health and productivity, as well as economic benefits.

Have a Plan

Conserve and report tree species at risk

As you learn more about your forest you may discover some tree species are at risk. In many cases there are resources to help you learn how best to conserve and manage them.  In some cases there are recovery programs which collect information on tree location and health. Consider reporting your trees.

Trees in Trouble

Monitor and limit the effects of invasive species

Invasive plants can have significant effects. The Ontario Invasive Plant Council provides helpful information:
Landowner’s Guide To Controlling Invasive Woodland Plants

Invasive Insects and Diseases:
The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Natural Resources Canada provide information on insects and diseases that are already here as well as those we need to watch out for.

Forecast & collect seed

Your woodlot is a potential source of many products from firewood to lumber, maple syrup to mushrooms. It can also provide you with tree seed crops for your own use or to sell to support the reforestation sector in southern Ontario. Forecasting this seed crop can benefit you and your forest management plan.

The FGCA works with Trees Ontario and the OMNR’s Ontario Tree Seed Plant to teach people about seed forecasting and collecting.

Trees Ontario has also established a seed forecasting database to monitor and better track seed availability for future planting use. Compiling information about seed availability, location, type and quantity enables Trees Ontario and its partners to collect and store seed and helps ensure that the appropriate stock is available to meet long-term tree planting demands.

For more information go to Trees Ontario for upcoming workshops.

Individuals wishing to contribute to the seed forecasting database can contact Trees Ontario to register on the seed forecasting webpage.