Of Trees in Trouble

Conserve Genetic Diversity of Trees in Trouble

There are many reasons species become officially listed species at risk – either endangered, threatened or of concern. Threats include insects, diseases, habitat loss, and hybridization. In some cases more than one threat is at work. Other factors such as seed predation, poor harvest practices, natural rarity, and climate change effects can add to their vulnerability. There are also species that are in trouble though not yet officially listed.

How are these trees doing in your forest?

Officially listed Species at Risk:

Becoming a concern:

  • Ashes – Emerald ash Borer
  • Maples – Asian Long Horned Beetle
  • Elms – severely impacted by Dutch Elm Disease
    University of Guelph Arboretum Elm Recovery Project
  • Oak – Sudden Oak Death being spread on nursery stock in USA
  • Black walnut – Thousand Canker Disease in western USA
  • Hemlock – woolly adelgid