About Us

The Forest Gene Conservation Association (FGCA) formed in 1994 and since 1997 has been a non profit, genetic resource management corporation, with individual and group members who are involved in southcentral Ontario forest conservation and management.

We are guided by our Constitution and By-Laws (1997), By-law 97-10 – Code of Ethics stating that

All members of the FGCA shall sincerely cooperate in promoting the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of the genetic base of the forest and shall place their duty to the forest above all other duties pertinent to the forest.

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FGCA Area Map

FGCA Area Map:  pink=private land, green=crown land

The FGCA was first established under the umbrella of the Ontario Tree Improvement Board, and continued under Forest Genetics Ontario (FGO) which disbanded in 2015.  As of 2016 the FGCA continues to operate as an independent forest genetics association within the area of the Southern Region of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’ (MNRF).  (Note map here, which also shows land ownership)

Our Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan outlines a five year strategy for the Forest Gene Conservation Association – 2010/11 to 2014/15 and is currently being revised.  It will again build from previous strategies (Nielsen 1995, FGCA 1999, 2004). Each year an FGCA annual operating plan is prepared, guided by the strategy.

FGCA has a vision of a healthy, productive, sustainable forest across urban and rural southern Ontario that includes the full breadth of natural woody plant genetic diversity and contributes to local ecosystem integrity and the social and economic welfare of current and future generations of Ontarians.

FGCA’s mission is to broadly promote forest gene conservation, and to advise and assist our members and associates to apply genetic resource management principles within their forest conservation and management programs in urban and rural landscapes in southern Ontario.


  1. Biologically Appropriate Material for Reforestation Programs
  2. Gene Conservation Principles Integrated in Forest Management Programs
  3. Species Conservation and Restoration
  4. Communication of Gene Conservation Principles
  5. Effective, responsive, fiscally viable organization

Board of Directors

The FGCA Board of Directors consists of nine members: one appointed from and by the crown land forest managers, one appointed by and from Conservation Ontario (CO), and seven elected from the membership, of which one must be elected from members in the seed and stock production industry.

An executive committee (EC) of the Board consists of the President and the Secretary/Treasurer and supervises the day to day operations. Those operations are carried out by the Coordinator who reports to the EC and the Board. The current Board of Directors was elected/appointed at the annual general meeting (AGM) in June 2014 and will hold office until the 2016 AGM.

Ed Patchell, Ferguson Forest Centre, Kemptville – FGCA President, EC, elected from seed and stock industry members

Glenn McLeod, Coburg, FGCA Secretary/Treasurer, EC

John Enright, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, London – appointed by Conservation Ontario

Gary Nielsen, Climate Change Specialist

Steve Munro, Westwind Forest Stewardship, Parry Sound – appointed by Southern Ontario SFL members

Aron Fasekas, The Arboretum, University of Guelph

Kerry McLaven, Toronto

Terry Schwan, R.P.F. Guelph

(one position currently vacant)

Barb Boysen, FGCA Coordinator (non-voting)